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AARP Medicare Complete


AARP MedicareComplete Advantage Plan re-brands from Secure HorizonsHappy Seniors Giving Thumbs Up to United Healthcare

A quick visit to Medicare’s official website will list dozens of plan options in most areas of the Country. In today’s post we’re going to take a look at the AARP Medicare Complete Advantage Plan formerly a Secure Horizons brand.

One of the most recognized Medicare Advantage plans has been re-branded as AARP MedicareComplete Insured Through United Healthcare.

In many cases, the AARP Medicare Complete plan has become  the go to plan for insurance agents representing United Healthcare since the  Secure Horizons branded private fee-for-service plans did not renew for a couple of years ago in so many service areas.

Benefit Plan selections are numerous. AARP Medicare Complete plans include HMOs, PPOs and Point of Service (HMO-POS). Plans vary from one service area to another, with HMOs being most popular in large metropolitan areas.

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Assessing AARP Medicare plan options in your area

Although you can find MedicareComplete in many Counties across the United States the plan’s features and benefits will vary greatly depending on where the plan is offered.

Many people begin their search for an Advantage plan by looking for Medicare plans by State. This search is too broad because a service area is considered to be an individual County.

One popular plan that is widely available is the AARP Medicare Complete Choice Plan 2. This plan is a regional PPO and has a fairly credible network of providers available for members.

One benefit of a PPO is the availability for the member to go out of network if they desire. Cost sharing will be lower if a network provider is utilized, but it’s nice to know that you have the freedom to choose your own doctor.

You must name a network provider as your primary physician, but are not obligated to use them. In addition, referrals are not required to see a specialist.

If you find that there are no plans available from United Healthcare in your County, you may have other plan options or you can look into an AARP Medicare supplement insurance policy.

Checking the benefits

The AARP Medicare Complete Choice Plan 2 in particular does not require a monthly premium (other than continued payment of your Part B) and does include the Part D prescription drug benefit with no annual deductible.

Co-pays for doctors and out-patient services are reasonable and the per day hospital co-pay is only required for as little as first six days at an in-network hospital.

One less than positive feature is the much higher co-pay for an out of network hospital stay and an increase in the number of days that the co-pay is required. It’s important to check the provider directory to make sure that you are comfortable with the hospitals that are in network.

Some members are not too concerned that the co-pay is higher out of network, recognizing that given today’s technology, hospital stays are becoming shorter and shorter.

Value added benefits

The plan includes value added benefits, such as; vision, dental and hearing services. Theses services are not going to cover 100%, but they are beyond what original Medicare will cover. The Silver Sneakers gym membership is also available in many service areas.

Compare the AARP Medicare Complete plans with other Medicare Advantage Plans in your area to be certain that the plan will suit your specific needs.


Find plans by visiting Medicare’s official website or by consulting the Medicare publication, “Medicare and You”.


  1. Billy, AARP MedicareComplete benefits can vary by service area. Some plans offer vision or dental riders for an additional premium or offer a small discount for those services. Deductibles are not usually required. Visit to see what plans you have available.

  2. I have been very disappointed with my AARP Medicare Complete plan. First, they told me my doctor was listed, but sent me a membership card with another doctor. When I called, they had no explanation and said they would send a new card. Still not my doctor. I called again and selected a different doctor and got a card with his name. His office does not return calls and insurance company denied Xray or scan to see if my rotator cuff was broken. I have been unable to sign in to my account from e-mails for several months because they changed something in my user id or password and couldn’t get it fixed. Lastly, I was unable to order over the counter items. I knew things would be changed from the first book and the second one did not have an envelope to send my order. I do not have limitless time to sit on hold on the phone and no web address to order items. I gave up and changed insurance companies.

  3. Carolyn, I hope you have a better experience with your new plan. Good luck.

  4. I am a member of AARP Medical Complete. My Primay Dr. has suggested gastric by pass surgery for me. Does my insurance cover this type of surgery??? I would like to know before I decide what bariatric surgeon I want to go to for a second opinion. Thank you for your help.

  5. Patricia, gastric by-pass surgery is normally covered by Medicare Advantage plans only if it is medically necessary. Your doctor will need to get per-approval and demonstrate that it is a medially necessary procedure. Typically your doctor will not proceed unless thy know they are going to get paid. Also check your plan’s Summary of Benefits to see what your out-of-pocket costs will be.

  6. I need to ask a quetion regarding my dental platinum coverage. Will it cover any/all snapons?

  7. Thomas, Benefits available through the same Medicare Advantage can vary from one location to the next, as insurance companies can offer plans County by County. Your best bet to determine if your AARP Platinum dental coverage will include snapons is to call the member services number on your card.

  8. Could not find doctors directory on the website, very frustrating.

  9. Linda, Try this: to locate a provider for AARP MedicareComplete.


  11. Victoria, Expect Medicare supplement insurance premiums to increase every year. The information you received about a $0 premium plan was probably an advertisement for a Medicare Advantage plan. Speak with an agent during the Annual Enrollment Period to compare your options between a supplement and an Advantage plan.

  12. i have been paying 36 dollars amonth since dec.2012 and for what i called today to see what my plan was and kept on getting the samae message i gave all the information that was needed.numbers and she said i don’t have any coverage. I wish these answering machine would blow up I would like to talk to a live person not a machine.I wanteda dental which i don’t know if i have to not because no card to show for. I wish to cancell not paying for something i don’t have

  13. I have UHC MedicareComplete through AARP. I’m scheduled for gamma knife surgery for trigeminal neuralgia through a neurosurgeon, but his hospital Samaritan Hospital in West Palm Beach, won’t accept my insurance–they say because it’s the HMO version. They would accept my medicare if I didn’t have MedicareComplete.

    I really don’t understand. I’m in a lot of pain TN is called the “suicide disease” because of the severity of pain. Anything you can do to clarify would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Ted, I’m sorry you’re in this situation. This site is not owned by an insurance company and I can only share my thoughts on the matter. When you enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan you are entering into an annual contract. An HMO does require you to use network providers. It’s true that if you were in original Medicare (with or without a Medigap policy), there would be no issue with having surgery at Samaritan hospital.

    So what are your options? I’m not familiar with the condition you reference but if you could wait until 2014 to have the surgery you would only need to drop your AARP MedicareComplete and return to original Medicare. You can drop the plan between October 1st and December 7th. Or if you are new to Medicare and this is your first time enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan (as in first year) you could drop the plan and buy a Medigap policy under the Guaranteed Issue Rights provision. If this option is not available and you can’t wait until 2014, is there another neurosurgeon that will do the procedure at a hospital that’s in network? Call member services to check on this option. You could also contact your local Area Council on Aging office to see if they have any ideas. I’m sorry I don’t have a more definitive answer for you.

  15. We have health coverage under the Federal Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield. We wish to shop for a new provider. We have interest in the Silver Sneakers program and believe you offer that feature. Please contact me with regard to our options.

  16. Dennis, Please see our About Us page. This site is not owned or operated by an insurance company.

  17. Because the admin of this web site is working, no hesitation
    very quickly it will be famous, due to its feature contents.

  18. why is silversneaker expiring on 12312013 fir aarp complete????

  19. Mary, Medicare Advantage Plans and features and benefits can change on an annual basis. You are not alone in asking about why Silver Sneakers has been removed from AARP MedicareComplete. I don’t speak for United healthcare, but I’m guessing they needed to save some money. Silver Sneakers would make an easy target as a very small percentage of members actually used it.

  20. Selected UHC Medicare Complete 1, 1/13; received HHS letter recently, rating for prior three years “below average”, company rep no help. What’s your view?

  21. Bob, I really wouldn’t be too concerned. If the plan meets your needs and budget, it’s a good plan for you. The star rating is based on other people’s feedback, who may have a completely different set of circumstances. With your ability to file a grievance if an issue arises, you should be able to work through any possible problems.

  22. My wife is totally BLIND and uses eye drops and a ointment under her eye. The ointment is/was FML 1% ointment. We had to change to a different ointment because the pharmacy could not get FML. Can we get FML by Mail-order?
    We had to change to Lotemax that put us in the Donut Hole that we can not afford. For 2014 Lotemax is not covered and we definitely can not afford at $356.00 a mo. or more.

  23. Lin, you will need to check with your plan.

  24. With DPOA status, I am faced with the daunting task of managing my 77yr old father’s health/financial issues during a time of crisis. It is now necessary to transition him into a new living environment after a hospital stay this week and we will start at a rehab center tomorrow. He lives on Social Security,has significant credit card debt and no assets at all – anywhere. He has AARP Medicare Complete. He has moderate vascular Alzheimer’s dimentia and mobility/pain issues. I am trying to determine if we should transition him to Medicaid,stay on Medicare..if so – how do I make sure this is the best plan for him. I have to make swift decision as everything is time sensitive. Any advice?

  25. Lisa, You should honestly seek advice from someone who is qualified to give financial advice related to this type of situation. If he qualifies for medicaid, he will still be enrolled in Medicare. He will be considered dual-eligible. As a dual eligible medicare beneficiary he will be entitled to a Special Enrollment Period where he will be able to change Medicare plans without waiting until the annual enrollment period. You may want to explore special needs plans that are designed for people who are dual eligible or for people confined to a nursing home… if it comes to that.

  26. AARP should be more carful about who the give their name to! I took out AARP Medicare Complete United Health Care In Tucson AZ. for my husband because I could no long pay the enormous amount his former employer wanted for his insurance to continue which by the way was United healthcare. This Plan is a nightmare !!! First my husband has had two by-pass surgeries and was recently in the hospital. The Heart Dr. he saw while there could only see him in that hospital…why? I’ll tell you why he doesn’t take this AARP plan! We have lost 3 different Dr’s that my husband has seen for years two of which are heart Dr’s. This plan is Identified by every office we go to as Pacific Care which must have been a terrible insure company as no one but no one wants to take it. When we went to the hospital we were told oh no your plan is secure horizions, I have spent to many desperate hours trying to explain all of this to United Health Care and they just keep telling me YOUR ON UNITED HEALTH CARE!! Excuse my yelling but at the moment my husband is in critical straits and I have to keep talking on the phone and am now being told well if you wait till Oct. you can change plans!!! I’m going to be flat out blunt here my husband my be dead in Oct and he’ll have had to listen to me trying to keep the doctors he needs instead of spending what time he may have left out of the extra stress he endures….It was bad enough when we lost all of our retirement money but now I can’t even spend one day without upset over this insurance plan. I hope others read this and will stay a way from this plan. Saying sorry just doesn’t cut it anymore!!!

  27. My husband needs back surgery and we cannot even find a doctor….. the only spine surgeon says he does not except the insurance anymore…. his doctor requested a MRI on April 2nd we are still waiting for approval. I am contacting Medicare again tomorrow to lodge another complaint against this company.

  28. Kathy, It seems as though provider networks are getting smaller and smaller. You won’t have that problem if you decide to buy a Medigap policy. Here’s an article about the government’s resource on buying a Medigap policy.

  29. Diane Tremblay

    Well, David it seems you only reply to certain comment on this site. I’ve not seen or gotten any notice of a response since April. My husbands now on Hospice and he’s been thru hell getting there.

  30. Diane, I’m sorry I didn’t post a reply to your previous comment, but I’m really not sure what I could have said to be helpful. You indicated that you hoped others would read the comment and I thought that was your goal. This site is not owned or operated by any insurance company so it’s not my place to make excuses for an insurance company that may not be meeting your expectations. I’m truly sorry to learn of your husband’s condition and the pain and frustration you must be feeling.

  31. I received a letter from United Healthcare Informing the my current PCP was no longer a part of my plan’s network. I already knew this, and I had tried to get my PCP updated with United Health Care for three days, 6/18/2014 I discovered that no only was my past PCP no long part of my plan, the Morton Comprehensive Health Care Center, was not a part of my plan. So I have the choice of going to a United Health Care selected PCP, 14 miles away from where I live, and can not be reached by bus, and I do not have transportation, or I can spend upwards of $100 a month more for a Medicare supplement program.

    So much for the Affordable Care Act and no rejection due to preexisting medical conditions for individuals. YEAH !!!!! So since they cant do that, they drop the Health Care Providers so they do not have to cover preexisting conditions. Why am I not surprised !!!! Just another example of American Business taking care of themselves first and screw anybody else.

  32. Cannot not locate any psychiatrist in area (zip code 33607) PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Linnette, psychiatrists are few and far between in the AARP provider network. You may be on your own.

  34. Louis, I know that you must be frustrated with this situation and I can understand that your angry but your anger is misplaced. First the Affordable care Act doesn’t address preexisting for people on Medicare. People applying for a supplement will still need to pass medical underwriting unless they qualify for guaranteed issue rights or are in their Medigap Open Enrollment Period.

    Secondly, were you a fan of American business when your providers were included in the network? The companies are governed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid and if you are unhappy that they can drop providers maybe you should be angry at bureaucrats who allow this. Also, companies offering Medicare Advantage Plans must spend a minimum fixed percentage of revenue on care. Their profits are limited. If you feel their profits are too high, again you should take umbrage with those who set the rules.

    I do feel for your situation. It seems that stories like yours are becoming much more common. You would think that when you agree to be locked into an annual plan that the plan should honor the conditions under which you chose the plan in the first place. You may want to file an appeal with your plan. Information on how to do so is required as part of your plan materials. Or you can go to to get help filing an appeal.

  35. i am trying to find a dr in norman,ok who take secure hor.

  36. Joseph C. Mauro

    I have an AARP MedicareComplete health care plan from United Health Care. The Plan code is QT8. Recently all my drug co-pays have been doubled so that my long term insulin when from a $45 co-pay to $90 and a drug I am suppose to take for Diabetes (Lantus) has a copay of $216. When I called United Health Care they told me that I was in the “coverage gap”. I looked through the plan description but could not find the explanation of the coverage gap. I, of course, can not afford to pay for these drugs. I thought insurance would cover this but iy doesn’t. Can you explain this to me???


  37. Joseph, Here’s a link to a video that should help.

  38. I will never recommend this plan to anyone. I’m very disappointed with this carrier.

  39. Barbara, You should really not recommend any plan unless you are familiar with an individuals circumstances, needs, budget, providers etc. . The AARP Medicare Complete may not be right for you but there are thousands of people who are satisfied. Another thing to keep in mind… MedicareComplete (like any Advantage Plan) can have different benefits, premiums, network type (HMO, PPO etc.) and costs in different service areas. The good news is you’re right around the corner to switch to another plan during the Annual Enrollment Period.

  40. Gerald D. Stephens

    I live in Mexico and have incurred many doctor and hospital costs, I´m always told by the medical departments that when they contact my medical care provider, that they are always told NO, no coverage in Mexico. I was told when I signed up last Feb. that my medical expenses would be covered. please tell me how to get the termination form.

    I would like to cancel my contract with AARP MedicareComplete

    Thanks Gerald

  41. Gerald, Medicare Advantage Plans including AARP MedicareComplete are annual plans. During the enrollment period (Oct 15 – Dec 7) either enroll in a new plan or if you are returning to original Medicare let AARP United Healthcare know that you want to cancel the plan. Unless you are entitled to a Special Enrollment Period… you’re stuck until the end of the year.

  42. Hello,

    Does AARP MEDICARE COMPLETE/UHC/SECURE HORIZON cover for Adult Day Health services?

  43. Why is my AARP United Health Care Medicare Complete fee increasing from $0.00 to $540/year? And, does anyone really understand all of this stuff?

  44. Bill, Ouch! Did you not review your Notice of Change?

  45. Ashley, Medicare Advantage Plans vary from region to region so I can’t give you a definitive answer but they normally do not. Call the member services number on your card.

  46. I have no idea. Do you have any idea how much crap is received from various plans during this period?

  47. I do not like how the insurance is in control of the medicines you take you have to pay a two hundred dollar deductible for a tier 3 and 4 2 of my medicines were change this year I have been on them 15 years whats the deal ????????????very unhappy

  48. Cindy, Did you compare all available options during the enrollment period? You may be able to find a plan with a formulary that is more suitable but you’ll have to wait until the next enrollment period. Be thankful it’s not pre-2006 when there wasn’t a Part D program.

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