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AARP Medicare Complete


AARP MedicareComplete Advantage Plan re-brands from Secure HorizonsHappy Seniors Giving Thumbs Up to United Healthcare

A quick visit to Medicare’s official website will list dozens of plan options in most areas of the Country. In today’s post we’re going to take a look at the AARP Medicare Complete Advantage Plan formerly a Secure Horizons brand.

One of the most recognized Medicare Advantage plans has been re-branded as AARP MedicareComplete Insured Through United Healthcare.

In many cases, the AARP Medicare Complete plan has become  the go to plan for insurance agents representing United Healthcare since the  Secure Horizons branded private fee-for-service plans did not renew for a couple of years ago in so many service areas.

Benefit Plan selections are numerous. AARP Medicare Complete plans include HMOs, PPOs and Point of Service (HMO-POS). Plans vary from one service area to another, with HMOs being most popular in large metropolitan areas.

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Assessing AARP Medicare plan options in your area

Although you can find MedicareComplete in many Counties across the United States the plan’s features and benefits will vary greatly depending on where the plan is offered.

Many people begin their search for an Advantage plan by looking for Medicare plans by State. This search is too broad because a service area is considered to be an individual County.

One popular plan that is widely available is the AARP Medicare Complete Choice Plan 2. This plan is a regional PPO and has a fairly credible network of providers available for members.

One benefit of a PPO is the availability for the member to go out of network if they desire. Cost sharing will be lower if a network provider is utilized, but it’s nice to know that you have the freedom to choose your own doctor.

You must name a network provider as your primary physician, but are not obligated to use them. In addition, referrals are not required to see a specialist.

If you find that there are no plans available from United Healthcare in your County, you may have other plan options or you can look into an AARP Medicare supplement insurance policy.

Checking the benefits

The AARP Medicare Complete Choice Plan 2 in particular does not require a monthly premium (other than continued payment of your Part B) and does include the Part D prescription drug benefit with no annual deductible.

Co-pays for doctors and out-patient services are reasonable and the per day hospital co-pay is only required for as little as first six days at an in-network hospital.

One less than positive feature is the much higher co-pay for an out of network hospital stay and an increase in the number of days that the co-pay is required. It’s important to check the provider directory to make sure that you are comfortable with the hospitals that are in network.

Some members are not too concerned that the co-pay is higher out of network, recognizing that given today’s technology, hospital stays are becoming shorter and shorter.

Value added benefits

The plan includes value added benefits, such as; vision, dental and hearing services. Theses services are not going to cover 100%, but they are beyond what original Medicare will cover. The Silver Sneakers gym membership is also available in many service areas.

Compare the AARP Medicare Complete plans with other Medicare Advantage Plans in your area to be certain that the plan will suit your specific needs.


Find plans by visiting Medicare’s official website or by consulting the Medicare publication, “Medicare and You”.


  1. i called and signed up for aarp medicare complete choice plan 2 regional ppo plan on 4/23/15 FRIDAYwas told in couple of days will receive to read and will receive the card before may 1.

    I had to go to er yesterday with chest pain still not recieve uhc card. they came back said my bcbs hmo is inactive now.

    When or who do i call to check the status where information will be mailed? is there a sight i go and see if has been done . i have my confirmation #spoke with Tamika on friday 4/23/15.
    thank you for help with this matter.

  2. is there a website I can go to to see if my doctor is a part of Medicare Unitedhealthcare aarp Complete Choice?

  3. Meg, Because plans vary by region it would be best to call the member services number on your United healthcare AARP card and ask for the URL.

  4. Shannon, If you have enrollment docs either (normally emailed) there should be a member services number. If you have confirmation number even if you don’t have the card yet, you will be covered. it normally takes a week or two for most companies to get the card to you.

  5. I been trying to register my UHCCommuntyplan card been given that website and aarp/medicare with no avail the website says it doesn’t have my information on file. i would like to know the correct address for people with duel complete insurance i am trying to find a vison doctor in Baltimore, md or DC

  6. Rhonda, Do you have a local agent? That would be a good place to start. Or call an agent that represents AARP Medicare insurance to see if they can point you in the right direction.

  7. Neeeding knowledge the doctor I have been seeing for the past years under a nother insurance company is not listed in you plan for me I am wondering if I can still us him? please let me know

  8. Paul, You should call the member services number on your card to find out if he’s in network.

  9. I have been paying AARP for drug coverage for a long time and since I never seem to reach the “DEDUCTABLE” all my drugs are out of my pocket. I rec’d your booklet this week and
    find that my coverage will increase in 2016. Why should I keep paying AARP Rx for something there is no reimbursement for?????

  10. James, You can choose another Part D plan. If you find yourself needing many expensive drugs you’ll probably meet the deductible and be glad you’re covered.

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